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Over 25 years’

corporate experience supervising and managing personnel supporting commercial, state and government organizations; as well as administering program requirements, budgeting, strategic planning, and customer focus with a master’s in business administration and a bachelor’s in accounting.

Focused on the strategic growth of Anjaro Professional Services, Mrs. Allen is embedded and constantly seeking different partnership avenues in both government and commercial sectors, to better position the company for growth and sustainability.

LaTasha A.

A 22-year veteran of the United States Navy with dedicated

experience in satellite and radio communications and over

35 years’ experience supervising, managing, developing,

mentoring, and directing personnel both military and civilian,

with great focus on personal and career development.


His focus is dedicated to the growth of the company in both

the government and commercial sectors, seeking a vast array

of contracting opportunities and avenues to provide choice

customer service.

Alphonso W.
Vice President

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